Aeronautical Engineering PHD

January 6, 2018
Ph.D. Programs offered in

The Department offers a comprehensive range of postgraduate opportunities. Research areas are loosely grouped into the following themes: energy and environment; engineering materials and metallurgy; structural integrity and machine design; and thermo-fluid sciences and multi-physics engineering.

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The EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Advanced Composites for Innovation and Science (ACCIS CDT) offers exceptional candidates across engineering, science and mathematics the unique opportunity to become involved with groundbreaking research in composite materials and structures technologies.

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  • National $ 29, 500 per year
  • International $ 29, 500 per year

The program emphasizes basic aerospace sciences to prepare students for the diversity found at the frontiers of research and industrial development.

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  • National $ 7, 944 per module
  • International $ 13, 368 per module

The graduate program of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering offers masters and doctoral degrees in an intellectually and academically stimulating environment. Our program takes pride in both the collegial student-faculty relationship it provides and in its preparation of students for successful careers in industry, government and academia. The doctoral research degree is offered in the field of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Students who are in the process or have already completed their masters degree may apply for the program.

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The Faculty of Science is an organization consisting of the five Departments of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Natural History Sciences and Biological Sciences. This faculty researches and develops a broad spectrum of the natural sciences. The faculty members are also engaged in developing technologies for the improvement of society in general by reaping new results from their fundamental studies.

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  • National $ 766 per module
  • International $ 1, 539 per module

Research in aerospace engineering covers the fields of aeronautics and space technology. The AME Doctoral programs require the completion of a minimum of 57-59 units of graduate credit plus 18 units of Dissertation.

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  • National $ 12, 496 per year
  • International $ 31, 490 per year

The program in aerospace engineering has a distinguished history of significant contributions in theoretical fluid dynamics, especially in the areas of separated flows, radiative gas dynamics, biological fluid dynamics, and geophysical flows.

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Aerospace Engineering at Swansea University is at the forefront of the latest technology.

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  • EEA £ 4, 052 per year
  • Non-EEA £ 19, 000 per year

This Group undertakes research directly relevant to the aerospace industry and also of a quite fundamental nature. Manchester has a distinguished history in turbulence modelling (from Osborne Reynolds to Brian Launder) and also in Fluids (e.g. Lamb and Goldstein), reflected in aerodynamics and heat transfer research today coupled with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) allied to interests in Dynamics, Composite Structures and Aeroelasticity.

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The program of Aerospace Engineering started in 2008 to feed the fast growing aerospace industry of the nation with high quality professionals. As an engineering discipline at Peking University that has a long-standing and strong science background, it aims to provide the students with a solid foundation in mathematics, physics, and mechanics, which no discipline of this type in other universities can compete with, as well as a broad range of knowledge in aerospace and engineering and the most recent progress information in this industry.

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The research activity in aerospace science and technology developed independently in several research groups and departments of the Universitat Politcnica de Catalunya, in areas close to the different studies offered by our university. The growth of this activity leaded our University to structure an academic offer in the aerospace field.

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  • Non-EEA € 4, 000 per year

Power and Aeronautical Engineering - Ph.D studies take 4 years, in which the key activity is undertaking research, combined with appropriate training. Students must produce a thesis which makes an original contribution to knowledge, worthy publication in whole or in part in a learned journal. The program may include the equivalent of no less than 30 credits of research training.

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