Bulova astronaut Watch

August 23, 2017
Bulova Accutron Astronaut

Little known fact: any Omega Speedmaster issued by NASA is always and forever the property of the United States government – unless they expressly gift it to someone, which doesn't happen often. That means that every single Omega Speedmaster that ever made it into the space, much more so onto the moon, belongs to Uncle Sam. That, in turn, means that the chance to own a watch that has been to the moon is not something that will happen. Except now, all of the sudden, it's happening. Up for sale is Apollo 15 Astronaut Dave Scott's personal Bulova chronograph. Yup, now is your chance own an actual moon watch.

See that photo up top? That's Dave Scott on the moon. On the outside of his left wrist? His Bulova chronograph. The chronograph was actually worn on a NASA-issued velcro strap that still remains with the watch. What's more is the watch still has residue on it from not only Scott's time on the lunar surface, but also wear and tear from re-entry.

Below is the official supply list for Apollo 15, and you can see the velcro strap included. What is amazing about this watch is that it is being consigned directly by the astronaut himself, and there is truly no doubt about its history or provenance.

Oh, and check the inventory number above, then compare it to the strap below. Yup, this is the realest of the real, folks.

Included in the sale will be several photographs of Scott wearing the Bulova in action, such as the photos below.

The watch to my eye is absolutely gorgeous. The patina on the case, the dust and scratches on the crystal, the worn NASA-issued strap are just perfect. Sure, this isn't an Omega Speedmaster but the watch is damn cool, and this is arguably the solitary watch to be worn on the moon that will ever come up for sale – so think of the opportunity.

Mr. Scott's personal Bulova Chronograph, the only lunar-worn watch in private hands will be sold by RR Auction in its upcoming space sale. The sale will take place over a period of some days and bidding begins online on October 15th. The estimate for this insanely cool chronograph is $50, 000. You can read more about it here.

Source: www.hodinkee.com
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