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June 14, 2014
At the Beijing University
Brief description Beihang University (also known as BUAA) was founded in 1952 in Beijing, with the merger of the aeronautical departments from eight top Chinese universities. With this it became the first university of aeronautical and astronautical Engineering in China. Not long after it was founded, Beihang was recognised as one of China’s 16 key universities, and from that time on the government of China has made support of Beihang University a priority. The university is urrently a member of a small group of top Chinese universities supported by the National Education Excellence Project, which aims to develop world-class universities in China.

Since its foundation, Beihang has been developing into a research university with a strong focus on aeronautics, astronautics and informatics. The university currently has 2036 full-time faculty members, including over 450 professors. Among them are 16 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy Engineering.The university is made up of 26 schools covering a wide range of disciplines, which include aeronautics, astronautics, mechanics, jet propulsion and power engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing engineering, material science and engineering, computer science and engineering, digital art and design, control science and engineering, electronics science and technology, electrical engineering, information and communication engineering, instrumentation science and engineering, optical engineering, transportation science and engineering, automobile engineering, civil engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, environmental engineering, systems engineering, biological science and medical engineering, management science and engineering, business administration, public administration, applied economics, foreign languages and literature, Education, law, philosophy and pilot training.

Beihang University is committed to providing quality education and conducting high-level scientific research. Since its establishment in 1952, Beihang has supplied more than 110, 000 graduates to research organizations, Institutions and industries. A number of outstanding graduates have become members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Many of Beihang’s alumni are pursuing highly successful careers and have made significant contributions to China’s development. Nearly a third of the top designers and directors in the Chinese Manned Space Program and Lunar Exploration Program studied at Beihang. At present, Beihang has over 23, 000 students, 12, 616 of whom are undergraduates and 10, 240 postgraduates.

In its development agenda Beihang University has long made international networking a priority. To broaden the experiences of faculty and students, the university has developed partnerships and cooperative agreements with over 160 universities, research institutions and companies in 31
countries. These partnerships – which operate at many different levels - cover faculty and student exchanges, joint workshops and conferences, joint educational programs, joint research endeavors and publications. Beihang University is the first university in China to offer postgraduate programmes in English for international students. Every year, over 1000 students from 80 countries study at Beihang either for degree programmes or Chinese Language learning.

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