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February 19, 2016
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According to who has already researched this: "Although no astronaut to date has had any tattoos during their employment with NASA. NASA currently has no rules against astronauts having visible tattoos.

But i still don't think that answers the question, because there is more to it.
It all depends on two things; What type of astronaut do you want to be? (pilot, mission specialist, commander, etc), and how do you plan on getting there?

To be a pilot or mission specialist, you will need so many hours of "in command" jet piloting. To get these hours you can join the navy, air force, or a private flight program.

Recently the navy has slackened their rules regarding visible tattoos.
The Air Force allows a tattoo to cover up to 25% of the body part shown in uniform.

The navy, I believe, will allow 25% of your arm to be covered. so no sleeves and nothing past like 2 inches before your wrist.

Different flight schools have different rules and regulations regarding eligibility. Contact the school your interested in to learn more.

I myself want to be an astronaut. Once i get my bachelors degree in aerospace engineering, i plan on joining the air force. I hope by then they will have slackened their rules, because i have a sleeve tattoo on my left forearm. Next week i have an appointment to get a quote on laser removal."

Astronaut Time Lapse Tattoo
Astronaut Time Lapse Tattoo
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Astronaut Tattoo - Making Of
Astronaut cover up tattoo by Anthony Mariscal (Wylde Sydes
Astronaut cover up tattoo by Anthony Mariscal (Wylde Sydes ...
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